TATA Daewoo

With over 16,000 heavy duty trucks imported to over 60 countries around the world, Daewoo is regarded in veritable name in the industry.

After winning many awards and accolades, Daewoo continues to make better trucks, thanks to multi-million Dollar investments in R&D and product development studies.

No wonder then that Daewoo ‘Prima’ has won the prestigious German Design award.

Daewoo Novus truck features high performance, environment-friendly electronic engine, a new look cabin and host of other convenience and safety features. The high performance electronic engine mounted in Novus is specially designed to meet the rigid environmental standard of Euro III – a boon for the Oman market.

Abundant cargo hauling capacity and state of the art high pressure fuel injection system delivers maximum power output.

Al Hashar supports Daewoo Novus Trucks from a network of after-sales facilities in Azaiba, Sur, Salalah, Sohar and Ibri. In addition, a mobile service remains at the beck and call of customers, anywhere in Oman

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  Sales outlets    
  Location   Land Line Fax
  MUSCAT     24596434 24503453
  SOHAR     26844768
  SALALAH     23210143
  SUR     25544216
  IBRI     25691214