Jinbei, Brilliance

A booming automobile manufacturing enterprise, Brilliance Auto is listed on New York Stock Exchange.

Winning many awards and accolades, including the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification, Brilliance Auto range enjoys domestic market leadership on the strength of Technology, Quality, and Safety - not to mention - Outstanding Value for Money.

Within a short time, these models have risen to the top of the customers preferences. In particular, they are a favourite amongst businesses that value their proven profit-making qualities.

The models are available across Oman at all Al Hashar showrooms in Muscat, Sohar, Ibri, Sur, Salalah. The complete 3S facilities across these locations provide end - to - end customer offerings.

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  Sales outlets    
  Location   Land Line Fax
  MUSCAT     24596434 24503453
  SOHAR     26844768 26841177
  SALALAH     23210143 23210144
  SUR     25544216 25543982
  IBRI     25691214 25691215